NNMT - Neuronal Network Meanfield Toolbox

NNMT is an open-source, community centered Python package for collecting reusable implementations of analytical methods for neuronal network model analysis based on mean-field theory.

Currently, the toolbox mainly contains tools for networks of leaky integrate-and-fire neurons. But we have started adding methods for other models as well. With the tools collected in NNMT you can calculate analytical estimates of dynamical properties like mean firing rates or power spectra from the parameters of a given network model. Other tools might help you get a better intuitive understanding of your network model or allow mapping a model onto another one.

NNMT is an emerging toolbox. Contributions to our GitHub repository can be made via the GitHub fork and pull request workflow. Similarly, any suggestions or problems should be reported as issues on GitHub.

If you use NNMT for your project, please don’t forget to cite NNMT.

NNMT is the successor to lif_meanfield_tools.

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